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Tuesday 24th January, 2012

After preparing for the recitals in December, January has been mainly orchestral work, except for two weekends working towards the Urban Classic program with the BBCSO in March. Myself and 5 other BBCSO musicians were educated by Jules Buckley in the art of grime music. I have to admit it’s not a genre I was particularly familiar with. Deftly guided by Rob on Bass and Alex on drums we put together a few ‘tracks’ by Miss Dynamite, Devlin, Skepta and Fazer then tried the now ‘orchestrated’ versions with the solosits. Devlin was really quite awe inspiring when he performed as he was so focused. Miss Dynamite was wonderful and delightfully modest, Skepta and Fazer seemed to really enjoy having live musicians to play with. It was great fun, I learnt a lot and was a massive contrast to not only the solo work I’ve recently done, but the Suk recording sessions I’d had earlier in the week.

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Tuesday 29th November, 2011

Alison will officially launch her new album, Cor! on 11th December at the Forge in Camden. She will be answering questions on the cor anglais and talking as well as playing pieces from her album, accompanied by Elizabeth Burley on the piano.

This promises to be a memorable night not only of beautiful music, but also of everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the cor anglais but were afraid to ask.

Doors open at 4:30pm, music begins at 5pm. Tickets are £6-8. For more information visit the Forge website:

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Friday 11th November, 2011

Alison will appear on BBC 4’s Woman’s Hour on the 15th of November  to speak about, and perform pieces from her new album Cor!,

Alison began her solo career to raise awareness of the instrument to listeners and composers alike, with the hope of more people becoming aware of the beauty and versatility of this, often, overlooked instrument.  It was this passion and conviction for expanding its repertoire that has placed her amongst other prominent women in the arts who have appeared on the show, such as Judi Dench and Jazz singers Dee Dee Bridgewater and Clare Teal.

The official launch of her CD will be at The Forge in Camden on the 11thof December where she will be playing pieces from the album and talking about the Cor Anglais. For tickets visit The Forge.

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Sunday 9th October, 2011

I am very pleased to announce the launch of my new website to coincide with the launch of my new Cor Anglais album – Cor!. The new website includes lots of new features to help you learn more about the somewhat mysterious instrument that is the Cor Anglais, as well as keep up to date with my latest news, performance dates and lots of other Alison Teale and Classical Music related stuff.